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Security & Intelligence Solutions

When every second matters, you need a consolidated defense solution to identify, manage, and automate your response to threats in your organization.

NewTek Solutions offers you a broad portfolio of IBM Security Threat Management solutions, to successfully deal with existing cyber uncertainty.

Digital transformation process and the shift to hybrid multicloud are changing the way we do business. Users, data and resources are now scattered worldwide, making it uneasy to connect them effectively and securely. Traditional security methods offer a restricted perimeter to assess the data yet our modern IT ecosystem requires a different approach.

IBM QRadar

IBM QRadar is created to collect logs, events, deal with network flows and user behavior throughout your entire organization. It uses threat intelligence and vulnerability data to timely define known threats, and identifies anomalies that may signal unknown threats with advanced analytics features.

IBM QRadar is capable to effectively connect with the end-to-end chain of activity associated with a possible incident, and to create prioritized alerts based on severity, assisting quickly in revealing critical threats while reducing false positives.

Benefit With IBM QRadar

With IBM QRadar, you will get comprehensive insights, potential threats timely detection and prioritization,
as well as a closed-loop feedback to continuously improve threat detection.

Platform Delivered Services

Stay Aware

Get a comprehensive visibility into your existing enterprise data in on-premises and cloud-based environments from a single look at the screen.

Certified Professionals

Automate Intelligence

Define known and unknown threats, improve individual alerts to identify and orchestrate potential incidents, and use AI to enhance investigation processes by 50%.

Integrated Business Continuity

Enhance Detection

Get a clear feedback to enhance threat detection non-stop, and utilize the time savings from automated security intelligence to proactively hunt threats .

What’s Your Answer to Data Breaches?

With IBM QRadar you will get timely insights, to quickly detect the major threats and reduce the total alert volume.

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Intelligence Analysis With IBM I2

IBM i2 is the most trusted intelligence analysis platform for tackling critical missions across national security and defense, law enforcement, fraud, financial crime and cybercrime.

The amount of threats against both public and private enterprise are rising in number, frequency and complexity. To prevent these threats, organizations are dealing with overwhelming and diverse data coming from the multiple internal and external sources. They are having a hard time to collect, process and analyze this data at speed and scale to keep pace with rising threats. IBM i2 empowers analysts with the modern analytics and intelligence analysis capabilities, as they need to detect, disarm and defeat advanced physical and cyber threats.

IBM I2 Solutions

Technical SEO Audits

IBM I2 Analyst’s Notebook

Empower your analysts with broad visual analysis capabilities so they can rapidly uncover hidden connections and patterns in data.

SEO Automation

IBM I2 Analyst’s Notebook Premium

Bring data storage, analysis tools, visualization and elimination capabilities in a visual analysis environment.

Turn Your Data into Actionable Intelligence

NewTek Solutions is ready to assist you with IBM i2 solutions adoption: uncover hidden connections, gain actionable
intelligence and accelerate data to decision in your organization.