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Understanding software project requirements

Requirements Baseline

Requirements Baseline is a snapshot in time that represents an agreed-upon, reviewed, and approved set of requirements that have been committed to a specific product release, Once the project team establishes a requirements baseline, the team should follow a pragmatic change control process to make good business and technical decisions about adding newly-requested functionality and altering or deleting existing requirements.

Our team at NewTek Solutions will:

Requirements Baseline explicitly identifies only those requirement specifications that the project will implement. A baseline is not a tangible item but rather a defined list of items. One possible storage location is a software requirements specification (SRS) document.

At NewTek Solutions our analyst's team has the ability to create a very flexible requirements baseline with robust and rich traceability linking among requirements that allow to add, update and delete requirements using different requirements management tools such as IBM Rational Team Concert and Confluence (Atlassian), which help creating requirements baseline components upon client’s request: use cases, storyboards, and process diagrams.

  • • Define, collaborate on, and manage requirements/ user stories
  • • Create custom requirements approval and validation processes with any advanced workflows
  • • Plan your IT requirements development
  • • Make test cases based on the requirement