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Portal & Mobile Experience

Enterprise Portal development improves the collaboration between partners, customers, employees, processes & applications. At newTek Solutions, we can transform your overall business operations with adaptive Portal design and development, to bring end-to-end Digital Experience Platform for your business needs.

What is Enterprise Portal Development?

Enterprise Portal, which is also known as the Enterprise Information Portal (EIP), is a framework for storing various data for collaboration and editing, gathering people and business processes across the organization in order to provide a secure and unified access point to all the users. It is similar to any web portal.

Who needs Enterprise Portal & Why?

The ultimate goal of Enterprise Portal Development is to collect, connect and personalize the whole data through application-specific portlets. Nowadays, there is a massive demand for Enterprise Portal Development for various sectors: banking, government, telecom and education, healthcare and finance.

Benefits of Enterprise Portal Development:

  • the fastest and easiest way to access information;
  • gives you full functionality of any desktop application;
  • improves the efficiency of the overall business process;
  • the most efficient way of getting useful information;
  • positively enhance the style of work for all the businesses;
  • helps in reducing the operational cost of the business;
  • greatly simplifies maintenance services;
  • helps in increasing the overall revenue of the business.

Portal Services Include:

  • Strategy, planning, research, Portal design & development
  • Adaptive/responsive UI
  • CMS integration
  • Business application development
  • Enterprise and cloud integration
  • Deployment
  • Analytics
  • Security

Mobile Development

Most of your clients and customers use a mobile device multiple times a day. In fact, in 2016, mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic and hasn’t looked back since. Users have to make searches, get relevant information and enjoy their experience on your site quickly and easily. One setback in the User Experience and they will leave and look elsewhere.

At NewTek Solutions we know how to create mobile applications that keep your customers engaged. Bringing a great experience is the core of mobile development because mobile is changing all the time – new devices, new systems, and new features.

Mobile Services Include:

  • Native Apps (iOS, Android)
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Backend applications
  • Analytics
  • Security

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We are developing Enterprise Portals for different business sectors, based on Liferay and IBM WebSphere platforms.

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