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Marketing Training

Our training sessions for employees and managers in Jordan and Lebanon provide organisations with marketing and IT skills they need to master the digital age. NewTek Solutions offers face-to-face Active Learning sessions, business breakfasts in Amman, online webinars and IT workshops, where our professionals talk about new IT products, new marketing techniques and channels, showing real case studies from different industries, and sharing our knowledge and practical experience.

Face-to-Face Training in Amman

Benefit from our IT & Marketing Knowledge
from a classic classroom training or a modern business breakfast format

Business Breakfasts in Amman

Business breakfast for your company in Amman is a great option to become quicky updated about IT and marketing topics, learn something new, and at the same time - not to be out of the office all day. Usually a business breakfast lasts about 3 hours in total.

At NewTek Solutions we offer two event formats of business breakfasts: to gather only the employees from the same company, or so called networking breakfasts, to help nurture and develop new relationships and connections in an informal and welcoming setting.

Business breakfast Amman
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Active Training Sessions

NewTek Solutions offers 1-day and 3-day active training sessions for B2B and B2C companies in Jordan and throughout the Middle East, related to marketing, IT and soft skills, with daily 3-6 hours work with your employees.

Usually there are some theoretical parts during the learning session, yet mostly we will discuss and brainstorm the best ways of online advertising, strategic planning and soft skills.

This method of an "active training" is found to be the most beneficial, as your employees will be fully engaged with the process, while we are discussing their company marketing tactics and channels, primary actions and time management tips they would be able to use right after the training.

Online Training with NewTek Solutions

Educate your employees without leaving the office, with our convinient online training formats

Live Classes

Live Classes

Online scheduled classes and demo training sessions for your IT department, related to a certain project.

Virtual Workshops

Virtual Workshops

Best digital marketing strategies for your business presence online, adding a digital marketing strategy section to your existing marketing plan.

Virtual Webinars

Virtual Webinars

Online webinars feature NewTek Solutions experts speaking from their areas of specialty. At the moment we offer live webinars related to IBM solutions and products.

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