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Enterprise Application Development (Low Code/ No Code)

If you're searching for software to support and reinforce your company's digital transformation, you've probably heard the term “low code.” How those two are related to each other? A low code platform allows more people across your business to take part in creating value for your business.

What is Low Code?

Low Code is a business term for something software engineering has always struggled with and wanted to achieve: to avoid the needless code. In general, it’s a a cutting-edge way that exceptionally transforms deep, core engineering problems into business processes discussions, letting employees to avoid a fear of technology, with enthusiastic approach towards the project.

Instead of writing and rewriting the code, you can simply use visual drag-n-drop editors to create clear and adaptable workflows, business rules, and modern user interfaces, for example. With a Low-Code Development Platform (LCDP), IT becomes more strategic.

Elliminate the traditional barriers between Business and IT to bring non-stop collaboration and improvements.

Build, use, and modify business apps easier than you ever imagined

Low Code Development Services

Visual development tools

Visual Development Tools

With easy-to-use drag-and-drop and point-and-click development tools one can create and correct enterprise apps easy and fast.

Build low code designs

Build & Deploy Everywhere

Preparing the design once and then it simply works on any device, natively, with no extra development time. Likewise, you change it? The changes will be applicable everywhere.

mobility with low code

Instant Mobility

NewTek Solutions will design apps for your organization that are instantly mobile, with no extra time, effort, or resources required.

user experience apps

Fit-for-purpose UIs

All the apps we create for you with Low Code/No Code software platforms, are simple and intuitive to use, providing a streamlined user experience with super easy adoption.

Power Your Digital Transformation

Choosing to use low code to power your digital transformation is how you increase your chances of success.
It's making the decision to be competitive. It's making the decision to be fast and flexible. It's making the decision about what you value the most.

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