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Many existing partners and clients within the IBM ecosystem are transforming.

Many existing partners and clients within the IBM ecosystem are transforming. Core partners are shifting from the traditional reseller model, to embedding IBM solutions in service offerings to create new, high-margin opportunities for their business, and clients are starting to partner with IBM to work on new ventures that will expand their customer base and crease new revenue streams.

To accelerate this new wave of ‘next-generation’ partners, at the recent Think 2018 event, IBM announced four new initiatives that will make it easier, faster and more rewarding to partner with IBM and create high-value solutions.

What is an Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA)?

Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA) provides partners with a vehicle to create unique solutions with IBM technology, and market the solution to its down-stream customer

An Embedded Solution is the combination of IBM offerings and Technology Partner's Value Add that, when working together, create a commercially available BP branded solution that is distinct from the IBM offerings.

Who are Technology Partners?

Market Makers: Innovators, Developers, ISV’s, CSPs, MSPs, SI’s, other Technology Partners.

Embedded Solutions Agreement

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Partner bundles or integrates IBM products with its value-add components and distributes the resulting solution to its end user customers under its own terms and conditions. IBM approves Partner's solution and value-add.

IBM Offering

Partner licenses specific IBM products with limited rights to sub-license, or allow access, to its end user customers, as part of its solution. Offerings approved for ESA: On-premise SW and SaaS; Bluemix IaaS and PaaS; HW; GTS remotely delivered svcs.


Descriptions of Partner's solution and its value add are documented and approved in the Transaction Document. ESA Partner is responsible for support of the defined solution and the IBM Product included in that solution.


IBM’s pricing to you is based, among other things, term and commitment. ESA Partner is not allowed to charge or identify a separate cost or price for the IBM Product to the end user customer. No reseller incentives apply.

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Why Choose ESA?

Grow Your Revenue

  • Integrate IBM Product with your solution
  • Deliver a total solution to your customers
  • Control your own sales cycle
  • Broaden your market reach

Improve Profitability & Reduce Risk

  • Flexible price models
  • Fixed pricing known for term of contract
  • Reduce development costs, accelerate solution time to market
  • Financing for eligible Partners

Leverage IBM Software Expertise

  • Broad portfolio of industry-leading Products (SW, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, HW, Svcs)
  • Proven, reliable, highly available and scalable solutions
  • Built-in automation for increased productivity and lower operational costs
  • Deep technical skills across many disciplines

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