At NEWTEK Solutions we provide a list of services that produce solutions to support your business IT needs, we design our solutions to minimize expenses and provide maximum service.

We deploy our services using our Educational projects module, and provide pre-sales and post sales support that will insure stability and agility of our solution




NEWTEK Services

NEWTEK Solutions  offer services in the following areas:

Portal and Web Content Management (WCM)

In a day and age when information overload has become commonplace, portals allow context-relevant resources to be presented via common Web browsers, placing what you need to complete the job at hand at your fingertips, regardless of where you are. Web portals allow people to interact with other people, applications, processes, documents and other content in a personalized and role-based fashion.
 Portals allow you to customize your work environment to your own needs, present resources in a consistent fashion, and can provide a personalized experience based upon your previous preferences or specific role within an organization.
The need to manage and create web content is crucial to most modern businesses, as web is the most efficient way to share information and collaboration, Providing web content in a high efficiency that will enhance productivity can be a challenge and here come the services that we at  NEWTEK offers.
Our services offer you solutions that provide content in more accessible ways, automate content management, and simplify websites administration.
We provide services on the following areas:
Web Content Management
With Web content management we deliver engaging, personalized web experiences across multiple channels, which keeps content relevant, consistent, and drives higher conversion rates, improves customer loyalty, and increases user engagement.
Automated Workflows
With automated workflows we coordinate the end-to-end content creation process, from co-authoring and approvals to publication and post-publication management. Actions can be scheduled in advance for specific dates and times, such as for when particular pieces of content will first appear or when they will expire.
Application Integration
Portal software is designed to interoperate and utilize content from a variety of third-party systems, included various server platforms, database systems, and other third party applications. In addition, with our portal services we support the latest open standards such as JSR-168, JSR-286, WSRP 1.0, WSRP 2.0 and more, helping ensure the long-term viability of your portal investment.
Application Development
We offer a rapid application development environment of custom portlets and speed their deployments  on Portal. These portlets are applications that leverage existing enterprise applications, data and systems.
We offer this with easy-to-use graphical tool for creating, viewing, and running portlets. This automation speeds custom portlet development to reduce development time and cost while accelerating portal deployment for incremental ROI.
Multi Channel Portal
With our services we allow you to go to where your employees and customers are with multichannel web experiences. No matter what the device – desktop, smart phone or tablet – we provide a consistently engaging experience.
investing with our portal allows you to make creating forms easier than before by dramatically reducing the time and effort required to deliver compelling, interactive applications. with simple web-based user interface it allows any Web designer to quickly assemble a series of application screens, capture data into a relational database, and orchestrate notifications using an integrated workflow.
Virtual Portals and Branding
Virtual portals are ideal for setting up many micro sites that all have the same sets of applications in common. With this service we  offer  central service providers hosting a specific application suite for a series of independent yet similar tenants (departments, sales teams, vendors, etc) that all need access to that same application but want a differently branded experience. This allows the maximized use of costly infrastructure and allows more users through the system without impacting the system with too many disparate applications.
Information Architecture
With our IA services we will restructure your content to make entering content easier and more user-friendly and will reduce the time needed to perform new website updates. This will increase the efficiency and accuracy of website deployment by placing content creation in the hands of content experts.
Case Study - King Khaled University (KKU)

Enterprise Content Management

The explosive growth of unstructured information into governments departments and companies arises the need of scalable and flexible ECM solution that will help them to protect their mission-critical content, handle the most demanding content challenges, the most complex business processes, and integration to all existing systems.
This require a reliable, scalable, and highly available enterprise platform that enables entities  to streamline and automate business processes, access and manage all forms of content (capture, store, manage, secure , etc ..), and automate records management to help meet compliance needs to increase operational efficiency and lower total cost of ownership. 
We provide services on the following areas :
  • Content Management 
  • Business Process Management
  • eForms Management
  • Application Integration
Case study - State Consultative Council in Iraq (Shura)

Middleware and Integration

Most enterprises today are large, distributed organizations that have accumulated, written or acquired diverse IT systems over time.Integration can increase your responsiveness and flexibility—don't wrestle with underlying network complexities to connect applications. Maintaining home-grown approaches for connecting applications diverts skills and time away from higher-level integration concerns/opportunities.
We provide services on the following areas:
J2EE Application Infrastructure
Your business requires fast, flexible, and efficient application development solutions paired with leading service-oriented architecture (SOA) runtime environments to succeed in today's dynamic marketplace. We provide an application server that can grow from a single server to a dynamic high available web applications requiring web tier clustering and fail over across multiple application server instance.
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
We offer advanced universal ESB which provide system connectivity and data transformation, validation and routing across heterogeneous IT environments.
Multi Platform Application Integration through Messaging
Your business needs universal fast, reliable and robust messaging infrastructure to build a messaging platform to be used between all business channels. We provide the most universal  and reliable messaging backbone which accelerates the flow of messages across organizations without complexity, cutting costs and reducing maintenance, improving business responsiveness and connecting to new solutions and technologies from the mainframe to the mobile enterprise.

Requirements and QA - IT Governance

IBM Rational provides a full range of offerings to ensure software and systems delivery success through practical, reliable, and extensible components. Designed with the needs of business users in mind, Rational offerings provide flexible, time-saving technologies that are developed for immediate productivity, high-fidelity results, and cost-savings. With Rational offerings users can consistently deliver assets to meet and exceed business commitments. Whether you work as an individual contributor or as a member of a team, Rational offerings meet your needs with powerful technologies optimized for competitive success.


Architecture management

Model, design, and rapidly build resilient architectures for services-oriented architecture (SOA), systems and applications. The need for architecture management becomes critical when designing, developing and delivering complex software in a world where applications are increasingly more modular and complex. Rational provides industry-leading architecture management tools for architecture and design modeling, model-driven development, component testing and static and runtime analysis activities.

Change and release management

Improve software delivery and life-cycle traceability from requirements through deployment. Rational offers comprehensive, integrated build, change, and release management products for successful software delivery. These solutions help software and systems delivery teams within small and midsized businesses accelerate delivery and manage their end-to-end software processes, all within budget.

Integrated requirements management

Define and manage requirements and provide traceability and alignment with business processes. Integrated requirements management is more than defining and managing requirements; instead, it means making requirements part of the full development life-cycle and linking the requirements directly to the business. Real integrated requirements management means that the software you deliver meets the real needs of the business users.

Process and portfolio management

Align business goals, best practices, and projects for improved productivity and predictability. Use Rational process and portfolio management products to manage the development process, including software project management, managing resource use and project cost management, project scope tracking, and development progress measurement. Rational solutions provide portfolio dashboards, project management best practices, and asset life-cycle management capabilities that bridge the gap between development and operations. IBM has the proven expertise to help facilitate the organizational transformation to align IT with business objectives and establish best practices for project and portfolio management.

Quality management

Demand software functionality, reliability, and performance in development and production. As new business challenges arise and technology complexity increases, it is clear that testing plays a much larger role in the success of applications for all businesses, especially for small and midsized companies. Rational provides efficient, cost-effective solutions for delivery of high quality, secure, and compliant Web-based software, packaged applications software, and in house applications that are optimized to improve the responsiveness and flexibility of small and midsized businesses.

Business continuity management and automation

Business continuity processes  is about gathering and analyzing this information through the following:
 Gather the information they need to identify critical business units and processes, the impact of outages over time, and the equipment necessary to recover. This information can be used independently for analysis,
The Risk Assessment enables identification of technical, human, natural, and proximal  risks threatening any location, along with the probability and potential impact of specific risks.
 Organizations recognize their supply chain has become critical to the operation of the business — and it's no longer acceptable to simply trust that a vendor will be reliable during a disruption. The Vendor Assessment can help evaluate service providers' or suppliers' compliance with their continuity requirements.
Whether the situation involves the major loss of a facility, the failure of a critical business operation or a widespread event such as a pandemic, the Work Force
Assessment helps you evaluate your critical personnel's ability to respond to disruptions.
 Living Disaster Recovery Planning provides essential flexibility of plan design, data collection, importing and exporting of data, customization, report generation, and ongoing plan maintenance. It also guides planners with built-in methodology, while providing ample opportunity to customize continuity programs to match individual preferences.
Test Management automates the process of testing, validating and troubleshooting the plans that have been developed for recovery.
The ideal method for coordinating emergency response is a virtual Emergency Operations Center (EOC), such as Incident Manager® powered by WebEOC®. With the ability to escalate vital issues online, you can track recovery efforts remotely .
Communication tools that do more than contact people — it gets responses. Tools that enables users to quickly contact key personnel, deliver critical messages, and receive important data that helps you make informed decisions.

With Sunguard Business Continuity software AssuranceCM you will ensure that you are gathering all critical information about critical business units and processes since it is imperative and crucial for any modern business to be able to meet challenges and maintain high quality services. Having all needed information ready for studying and analysis is an important and major part in understanding problems and solving them.

In case of disasters, Sungard AssuranceNM enables your business to notify various stakeholders such as employees, customers, and vendors immediatly so that they can stay safe and up-to-date about current business happenings.

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